Corporate identity - the creation of corporate identity

A Corporate identity is an integral part of the image of any self-respecting company. Corporate colors, symbols, logos and even a certain type these are the criteria by which partners and clients will recognize and evaluate your company. That is why the corporate identity must correspond to the policy of the Company and web design must reflect its activities. In short, must be its business card.

Your corporate identity is the first impression that can not be repeated twice.
Corporate identity has its own unique set of graphic, color, plastic, semantic and other tools which help to create your own system. It is often perceived visually.

While creating a corporate identity, our company keeps to the four basic rules:

  • - Corporate identity must be easy to remember.
  • - At the same time, it can not be like any other and potential buyer must associate it with your products.
  • - Corporate identity must be united, whether the style of products packaging, documentation, souvenirs, advertising, or even the working clothes of the company stuff.
  • - Corporate identity must be easy to recognized to avoid associations with other companies.
  • - Corporate identity should be easy to scale, it must let be copied well, regardless of size, without the distortion of our perception.

The logo and corporate identity, designed exclusively for your company, increases recognizability, consumer appreciation and advertising effectiveness. This leads to the growth of the company's reputation. The logo, that underlines the uniqueness of your company, will single you out among your competitors.

Unsuccessful logo or its absence would deprive your company of main advantage over competitors – of recognition.

Development of the corporate identity.

Basic package:

  • - The logo, trademark
  • - Brand colors
  • - Corporate type
  • - Business Card
  • - Corporate letterhead
  • - Envelope

Today, speaking about the corporate identity, the insignificant “it’s beautiful” is heard more and more seldom. True estimation of corporate identity design is: «It is comfortable and competent». And, of course, is beautiful because it is effective, efficient and easy.